Computer Repair – PC Repair

Computer Repair in Fresno, CA
We are usually able to provide same day computer repair service in the Fresno and Clovis areas.

If your PC is running slow or doing strange things that you have not instructed it to do, it may be infected with a virus, malware, or many other intrusive applications that are being used to gain control of your computer and your private information. What your computer needs is CPR! Clovis PC Repair specializes in PC repair, restoration and personal data security for homes and small businesses.

At CPR (Clovis PC Repair), our technicians are Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialists, and also Microsoft® Certified Professionals. So we can not only troubleshoot your computer problems, but your home and business network issues as well. Everything from Internet connectivity problems to setting up a network printer can be resolved by calling Clovis PC Repair.

We’ll Come to You!
Clovis PC Repair offers on-site repair as well as free pick-up and delivery in Fresno and Clovis! Take advantage of this huge savings by allowing us to come to you! We will pick-up your computer, repair it and bring it back to you, running better than ever.

Need a Website?
Not only do we specialize in computer repair, we also design and host websites. We build quality websites for your personal or business needs. We are experts in the field of ecommerce, merchant accounts, and SEO – Search Engine Optimization.